The moment comes when this heaviness that you’ve been carrying around for so long starts peeling off of your back… You never thought you would make it. All the judgements, hatred, anger, blame and torment slowly start peeling off of you. In those moments of contemplation you realize that all the times you hated and pointed fingers in anger, it’s been something you have been carrying within you. It’s the ancestry pain that’s been deep rooted in the loneliest parts of your being… You can feel it all going away into the oblivion… It only took that one time of not responding in anger as you usually do; it took that one time of not yelling as you usually do.. Instead , you’ve seen yourself from above, and you chose better.
Ah, so many layers are coming off and you are wondering how are you still keeping your ground, how are you still standing!? Why am I not falling apart losing parts of what I thought was me?why?
And you then realize… It wasn’t you, it was the fear in you that consumed you, leaving you no other option.
As you are standing in awe, humbly letting go of the old, this outpouring of light shoots right through your wounds- you find love for things and people you never thought you could love…because you are finally able to see their pain, the pain they aren’t yet ready to see.
Letting go has never been this beautiful, this liberating.. It is this moment in which you stop living the way others intended for you. It is this moment when you find freedom in being the truest you that you can be.
There, standing naked with your bare soul and a loving heart, you soar through the spaces of vast possibilities…
The scenery has never been this magnificent…
And you have never been this beautiful, this much of Yourself.



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