Do you know who you are?

How do you know who you are?
Are you the image you see in the mirror?
When I look at myself in the mirror I know I am looking into a false, flipped image that only looks like that to me. The image that other people see when they look at me is a little different, to me distorted, to them normal. The mirror defies its purpose and becomes this falsehood of the Self.
Am I my name?
My degree?
My likes and dislikes?
I hear spiritual people saying that the true self is the one stripped off of all the social, cultural, historical and physical labels we and others give to us. For some time I thought of that as something so mystical that the only reason why I couldn’t grasp on it was because it was too deep for me to comprehend.
I was delusional, for sure.
Spiritual people will say anything in the name of them being the deepest, most profound beings of us all and it doesn’t matter if they haven’t really thought about the actual meaning of what they are suggesting. I, stripped off everything I have ever known, am no one. I might as well be a plant, but even a plant lives in correlation to nature, and everything that surrounds it.
I am Ivana, I am all the things that happened to me, I am all the things that I love, the things that scare me and the things that bring me bliss. I am a human, as any other human and not really better than anyone else. I am all the things I want other people to see and all the things they actually see. I am all of my alter egos, all of my yearnings for life and profoef39d0622af8dee151d8111327cbc0a1undness. I am all the perceptions I have about others. I am stardust and atoms, things visible and invisible. I am a paradox.
You can’t take away everything that made you to this day and then try to define yourself. Don’t create a confusion that might drag you down and toss you around in a swirl of endless doubts about who you really are. Rather than that, try being more of yourself that you already are. You have everything you need to be unapologetically you, and that is what will shine, that is what will give you direction in life and inspire others… and you won’t even have to search for it since you already have it.


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