Mistakenly humans

People scare me every day.. the ones sitting like robots in waiting rooms, the ones who talk about Jesus all the time and would defy reason over some ridiculous stories. Ones that will look at you with pity in their eyes because you “won’t be saved by Jesus” and have already sent you to Hell.
People who only pray and never show action.
People who work at offices and have suites on and talk about their jobs all the time.
People who praise soldiers and thank them for their service and protection.
People who don’t know a thing about the rest of the world and who never left their towns out of pure choice that they are just fine where they are.
All the isms created by humans sabotaging themselves when the solution is quite simple and hides behind not falling under any pretense of any name or label we are trapped in.
Egotistical people who don’t see further than their outer appearances. Replicas, same faces, but all empty vessels.
Nothing has ever scared me more than humans do, their capacity for stupidity, for cold heartedness and for dehumanizing activities.
And often I’d wished I was a tree, or a dog because there is something awfully wrong and mistaken when it comes to human race.
No wonder solitude always felt good.

art by Edvard Munch

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