Pain doesn’t become you

Pain has never looked good on you. You tried to dress it up in pretty dresses and put bright red lipsticks on it and you tried wearing it as an accessory, but no.. I’m sorry to tell you, but pain doesn’t look good on you. Do you know why? 
It is because you choose pain every day, because you have accepted pain as something that cannot be changed or transformed. You have chosen suffering over small, precious moments that are meant to be lived purely, from a state of joy and gratefulness for even being able to experience them. You have let your pain take you into its claws and you thought that making pearls and shiny beads and love stories out of it will somehow make it appealing… But it didn’t. And you know it. 

I say you should wipe away all the mess, wipe away the unnecessary sorrow and stop escaping every moment that you have in your life by holding onto your pain like it is the only real thing you can feel in your life. You always have a choice.. don’t let pain be one. Let it rather be a moving thread, the one that pushes you out of the uncomfortable shell into a new world of realization and gratification. You will be thankful to yourself one day when you look back and see that you chose to enjoy, you chose to love, you chose to give unconditionally… for you lived in a world that was trying to convince you that if you weren’t taking something or racing somewhere, you weren’t getting anything or anywhere.

Art by P. Picasso

It is okay… you are fine.


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