Welcome home, my loved one.

His gift to me was spilled across the majestic sky above us.. I took a deep breath and stars within awakened reminding me of my true essence.
He took my hand and together we floated in the beautiful uncertainty of the infinite universe.
When you truly love, your gifts resemble that love… and yours was in the stars and galaxies.
This unique feeling splashed me slowly and then all at once, the same way the waves meet the shore. I closed my eyes and said “I love you” hoping that all that beauty would fit into those three words.
With you I became myself again, I found what I lost and I grew over night. The door of possibility was opened the second our souls saw one another… and that was it. It’s you and I, and the Universe – together again on this quest that never really stopped… welcome home, my loved one.

art found on Pinterest

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