We are all damaged.

The bottom line is- everyone is damaged, and everyone is in pain, more or less. There isn’t a grown human that isn’t suffering even just a little bit. And that sucks. But that’s how life is… we are constantly going from one pain to another. Or maybe you count the moments differently- from one good situation to another.
Some of you cover the pain by laughing loudly and being extremely social to a point where I feel you’re ridiculing the misery we live…. some of you soak yourselves in alcohol and cigarettes…. and some of us are deadly quiet… but we all share the agony and the suffering that this world constantly serves us. Justice? Karma? God? I am not sure… it all seems like an escape that everyone is so tirelessly looking for but in the end, after all the fairytales we tell ourselves to mask the pain, we are all here, all human and all not knowing how to really be one. We are hurt and we hurt others, and we can’t help it.
Life is hard, and whoever tells you differently is either delusional or too perky to admit that everyone else around them actually admits to their own pain.
Yes, there are beautiful moments and there is happiness, but it is true when they say that it takes little to be happy but somehow that little is what we always miss. We miss it because in dodging the pain we can’t catch on to those small, blissful moments. Instead we feel them, and then they are gone… they are a memory and a hope for a better tomorrow.
It’s yet another day when we all wake up, and we all make one more step hoping that today things will make more sense.

Art by Sylvie Guillot

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