A dark cloud

It’s one of those days when you just need to be hugged, and it needs to be so strong that it can put you back together…because you are damaged. One day you are fine and sort of happy, but the next day you are not anymore. Life is not a happy playground for you. It is rather an obstacle course, and a dodgeball game all at the same time. You keep going forward only because there is no where else to go but there and you constantly keep dodging all these knives thrown your way and on top of that, they tell you to smile…because you look so much better with a smile on.
How do you love a damaged person? Do you leave them alone and give them space? Or do you squeeze them harder and love them even more? Can you love them more if you are a happy, bubbly person who has accepted lives circumstances and has no problem or one deeper thought about anything whatsoever…
It’s not easy loving a damaged person. They often have no clue how to love themselves, and leaving them alone can sometimes be the worst thing you can do. But I don’t blame you. No one gave you instructions on how to love that person. You are just doing the best you can…or are you?
I am not sure if there is a point I can arrive to.. I am damaged. Loving me might be the hardest thing for you to try. Just thought you should know..

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