A dark cloud

It's one of those days when you just need to be hugged, and it needs to be so strong that it can put you back together...because you are damaged. One day you are fine and sort of happy, but the next day you are not anymore. Life is not a happy playground for you. It … Continue reading A dark cloud


Welcome home, my loved one.

His gift to me was spilled across the majestic sky above us.. I took a deep breath and stars within awakened reminding me of my true essence. He took my hand and together we floated in the beautiful uncertainty of the infinite universe. When you truly love, your gifts resemble that love... and yours was … Continue reading Welcome home, my loved one.


The moment comes when this heaviness that you've been carrying around for so long starts peeling off of your back... You never thought you would make it. All the judgements, hatred, anger, blame and torment slowly start peeling off of you. In those moments of contemplation you realize that all the times you hated and … Continue reading Peeling


There is a bigger meaning to self love then just having it for yourself. Self love can be fully expressed and experienced only when shared. It is about the moment when you realize someone sees you for all that you are and you reflect each other. That is when it all makes sense!